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School Lunches

All lunches are made fresh daily on site. We operate the dot system which means that your child chooses their lunch first thing in the morning from those listed and takes the dot colour corresponding to that meal. Meals are then made to order and all children receive the meal they have ordered. We do encourage all parents to talk through the meal options with children in order that they are well informed about what they like and don't like. 3-weekly meal options change termly and menus are available from the school office or from the HC3S Website:

School lunches are priced at £3.00 per day for children in KS2.  Currently there is no charge for lunches for children in KS1.  We would like parents to pay for meals either weekly or half termly as this reduces the administration workload and also helps us track which children should be having meals on which days. If children only like meals on certain days that is fine if we know in advance. This is only to stop mistakes being made which does happen if children opt in and out on different days. Parents are able to pay for their child's school dinners either by cheque (made payable to HCC), or we do operate an online payment system, Tucasi.  This is our preferred option.  You can access at: If you would like information about the online payment system, please contact the school office.

The school adopts a strict no debt for longer than one week policy on dinner money arrears - please read

  • Free School Meals on school trips

If your child is eligible for free school meals our kitchen staff are able to provide a packed lunch on the day of the trip. Please contact the school office if you would like this to be provided for your child.

  • Packed Lunches

Trollies are available in the school hall and also outside KS1 classes for children who wish to bring in packed lunch. The only thing we do not allow in school are nuts and nut products eg. peanut butter, Nutella etc, as we have several nut allergy children and this causes severe reactions.

  • Policy on snacks and water

Children are allowed a healthy snack at break time. We do not allow crisps or chocolate. Years R,1,and 2 are given fruit as part of the Hampshire fruit scheme.

We encourage all children to bring in named, clear plastic water bottles which are kept in the classroom as well hydrated children stay focused all day.  Please ensure that it is only water and not juice or squash.