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School Closures

School closure in the event of bad weather

We will endeavour to keep the school open but because of our wide catchment area we would like to reiterate that safety is paramount and if you feel in any way this will be compromised please do not attempt to get your child to school.

We will endeavour to email to parents and will also place a notice on the front page of our website  It will also be posted on the hantsweb

PLEASE ENSURE THE OFFICE HAS THE BEST EMAIL ADDRESS.  We will we use the email address provided on the data collection sheet for your children.

Other school closures

The only way to notify parents of an unavoidable closure before the school day has started is via email.

If the closure is due to circumstances occurring after the school day has begun, children will be kept in school until parents are notified or permission has been given for their child(ren) to go home with another parent.