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I am pleased to inform you that the full Ofsted report from our two-day inspection in January 2023 is now available. The school was judged as a strong ‘Good with Outstanding for Personal Development’. We are proud of this great outcome under the current framework and feel that many strengths of our school were seen.

Personal development is central to fulfilling human potential. It has a powerful impact on all other aspects of our lives; achievement, attitudes, relationships, shaping who we are and the difference we make to others. I am delighted that the work that we do on this fundamental aspect has been recognised by the outstanding judgement.

It has been a long wait for a full Ofsted inspection; in fact, the last one was in 2010. During this time, there have been numerous versions of the Inspection framework, a new National Curriculum and ten different Secretaries of State for Education!

Mrs Simrit Otway


Please read our full report along with the covering letter from the Headteacher and Chair of Governors.